Pastor Charles L. Heath Jr.

Pastor Charles

Pastor Charles L. Heath Jr. leads the Second Chance Christian Ministries with an easy smile, casual confidence and a sincere passion to help others through the word of God.

Charles L. Heath Jr. was the third of nine children. At an early age, because of his mother’s serious illness, he saw a need and went to work to help provide for the family. He was taught by his father the importance of family unity and has always had the joy of bringing people together whenever possible. Unity is most important, because unity brings strength.

Pastor Heath was ordained by Bishop John Henry Sheard, in August of 2002. He accepted his pastoral call and was appointed one year later. The Lord inspired him to name the church; Second Chance Christian Ministries and he began his work as a pastor.

His passion and compassion come from his deep family and community relationships and his commitment and consistent faith in God and people. Fulfilment comes in many forms, for Pastor Charles L. Heath Jr.  it comes from spreading the word of God, helping others and building community bonds through worship, compassion and lending a helping hand.

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